It’s still January, so this counts.

Dear Sombody that. Ain’t. Me. (let’s go with SAM, it’s unisex so I’m not leaving anyone out. Alright?)

So I know it may be late in the month, but I’m starting this because I think it might be good to begin sharing some of my experiences on the internet, so I can see what others think, and how we can bounce off each other ideas and beliefs. It’s not like this is going to be some philosophical blog where you feel like your mind is going through some kind of clotted bog of abstract thoughts. I’m a writer, and while I may be a bit of an introvert, I can’t help but feel the resistance from my social neediness-side to get out and talk to people. This counts…right? Anyway, as a writer, we have to experience life in order to write it convincingly. But before I get any further, let’s get to know one another.

I’m a twenty-one year old male who’s currently taking a break from assigned reading in order to get this started. I’m living in London, England at the moment, studying abroad. I originally go to school at Appalachian State University, North Carolina. In a future post, I intend to discuss how to properly pronounce Appalachian State versus the mountain range….we feel very strongly about that up there.

So far, being in the UK, I’ve been to more places than I expected to be with only being here……..about 27 days. But I figured it would be good to start writing this at the beginning of the new year because well new.

Ermm, I’m studying creative writing with a minor in History, and I’m currently waiting for Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, to tell me whether or not I got to the top five for their internship programme (<- I do that now) with Penguin Group USA for this summer or not. I just joined the organization (<- I haven’t gotten to s’es instead of z’s yet) this past autumn, and I like it so far. At first I thought, ‘Greek letters…eehhhh,’ but now after experiencing an induction in which was Harry Potter themed, I think I can be okay with this.

Another HUGE thing about me you should know. Harry Potter = half my life. Many of my friends might have expected it to be a larger ratio than 1/2, but I think I do need some space for all the other things I do that keep me going. I intend to get a lightning bolt tattoo, on the inside of my left bicep, and I can pretty much tell you what happens in the books back to front maybe with a few mistakes (thanks a lot King of the Nerds for not letting me compete…..).

Other than that, I’m really outdoorsy, which again conflicts with the writer in me. I’m really happy that Scotland is just up the way from here because after spending a weekend in Edinburgh, I do that now, I can see me hiking up in the highlands in the near future, hopefully nearer than I think. I also can’t really live without exercise, again, again competing with the scribe inside. After a while of siting at a desk or armchair writing, the ADD child that used to be me needs to go pump some iron before I spew fire or lift the earth (which by the way I would not object to being a great admirer of Mike and Bryan’s work with Avatar the Last Airbender).

I’m using a lot of parenthesis. And I’m not saying that to be humorous. I can be a bit of a grammarnazi, common in my field.

With all that out of the way, hi, I’m Cooper. It’s nice to meet you Sam.

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Harry Potter for the win! Welcome to the blogosphere!


  2. aspenlinmer says:

    I love your blog title! Very creative…and the fact that you like Harry Potter must mean you will have some great posts. :)



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    1. cmhowe8 says:

      Thank you very much for you comment!
      It’s nice to hear back from readers and fellow bloggers. Please don’t hesitate to make more comments on my posts, good or bad. I’m always on the lookout for improving.


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