What’s Above, So Below.


The universal acceptance of creation by intelligent being has long since been condensed to a fraction of people, who outsource humanity’s own capabilities of thinking, being for themselves. I would like to talk about some things I have thought about when wandering this ambiguous path.

I’m not denying a higher power’s existence. I never dismiss an idea I’m not one hundred percent certain isn’t valid. But I do seriously question a god’s credibility as a responsible custodian of his/her creation when (s)he is so secretive. I know faith is about believing not seeing, but really, what’s (s)he so afraid of that (s)he can’t zap some bad guy before they killed off an endangered species or even purify a well of water for a community.

Really it seems to be to be a paradox.

(S)He wants worship and unconditional devotion (or at least we anticipate this and thus require it in our religions), yet when presented with pristine opportunities to actually deserve praise, (s)he doesn’t pick up the tab…

Why not?

I have no idea.

I wish (s)he would…

I’m not here to convince you to stop believing in an afterlife or a deity/creator, but I do think it is your responsibility as the only known worshipers of your preferred higher power(s) to not sit by and do nothing to help, waiting for the deity to step up when (s)he never really has to our knowledge. (S)He may be working behind the scenes, which is fine, humility’s great, I just wish we could have a bit more to go on. As of late, it seems like there’s a lot of waffle in the talks of the faithful. So let’s not bicker about whose got the better deal for eternal salvation or whose blaspheming someone else because guess what, it gets nobody nowhere. It may not be your opinion, but it is mine. Try listening to the other side(s) of the table rather than jumping to conclusions and prancing on a high horse. When it comes right down to it, we’re all the same, even in the creator’s eyes. I’d like think that what’s above so too can be said below, which is to mean if that higher power can see us all equally no matter what we believe, then we certainly have the potential to do the very same thing, regardless of his/her existence.

I think our real motivation in faith is just to give us the promise and hope of a peaceful afterlife, a simple a method to explain a part of life we’re not comfortable confronting. No one wants to admit it, but we’re freaked out about what’s behind the veil of death. We’re afraid of what we don’t understand, so I think it’s okay to be afraid. I think as long as you live as full a life here, there’s no reason to be afraid of the next great adventure. Don’t throw mythologies and doctrine down the throats of those who are just trying to get by and be the best they can be in a really unforgiving world. Don’t take advantage of the helpless when it might really be you who is in need of the help. (By “you” I mean organized religion). If we try not to be dicks to each other and help in any way we can, not only will we be making this world a better place, we’ll be helping everyone get to a pretty nice place when the fat lady sings (assuming that is your belief).

Finally, we should take more stock in our species and quit trying to justify our existence like we’re special in the Universe. The Universe is BIG guys, like bigger than you could wrap your heads around. There are some stars whose light is just reaching us now, 14 BILLION years after the Big Bang. There could be thousands, millions of other life forms out there created or not by a deity. There may even be another species of humans very similar to us. Instead of consuming your life completely with your personal “mundane” lives, I challenge you once in a while to ponder your place in the cosmos. When you understand how seemingly insignificant we are, maybe that will be a good reminder to be thankful for what you have and how much our species has accomplished with or without the help of a deity.

Just something to thing to think about.


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