Disney College Program – I GOT IN!


I’m about to take the next great step of my creative career.

I got into the Disney College Program for Fall 2015!

I was just sitting on the bus from Uni today, and I happened to check my email not expecting anything. When I saw wdwcollegerecruiting as an unread message my heard stopped but immediately sprang out of my mouth when I saw “Congratulations” in the subject line. I only needed to read a few words for my whole day to flipped around. I was down about last night, having enjoyed a snow day of writing, only to have lost it all when I forgot to save.

My role is going to be Lifeguard, not really what I was hoping for, but it’s Disney. There will be multiple networking opportunities for me to climb up the Disney ladder. I hope to one day work as a storyteller or imagineer for Disney, either in Pixar, Marvel, or at Disney Books or Hyperion (a branch from Disney publishing).

I wanted to take a moment in the first post of many to talk about something I did not get to elaborate on in my phone interview: what does Disney mean to you?

Disney means overcoming adversity. Walt wanted everyone to remember that it all started with a mouse. A tiny mouse, what can be more of a story of overcoming adversity than this tiny creature becoming a universal icon? No matter what language you speak, what country you come from, you have heard at one point in your life of Mickey Mouse, the Boss. That kind of perseverance, of bravery that Walt cherished that drove his dream of creating and entertaining through storytelling is what Disney means to me. It means that no matter what, as long as you have the drive, passion, and determination, you can create magic in your world for all to share in and marvel in your creation. Disney means realizing the dreams of not only yourself but of the countless others that visit each day, wanting to find their , to be like royalty if just for one day. But that day turns into months, years, decades of their life after they visit Walt Disney World. The park mickeywithwaltdisneydoes not leave them; it never really leaves any of us. If I was given the chance to repeat this kind of power on others, I would have taken it yesterday. So thank you for the opportunity for me to begin to fight with all I can to achieve what I always knew I wanted: to use my imagination and the worlds that bloom from it to entertain and inform everyone I can possibly reach, and from that story make the world a little smaller, a little closer together because we all can agree that sometimes despite how great our differences seem to divide us one thing can bring us together that is more powerful than everything else: imagination.

Each step, no matter how you take it, is just another step toward making dreams a reality.


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