They’re Off Again . . . Hogwarts Bound!



It’s that time again. Today, at the eleven o’clock on the dot, Hogwarts students will be already settled on the Hogwarts Express as the train leaves Kings Cross Station, London. They’re chatting excitedly about the summer’s events or speculating what they’ll learn this year. No matter if you’re a first year or seventh, today is the same for everyone, the beginning of another exiting year full of magic, Quidditch, and even danger; you’d be hard put to stuff dozens of witches and wizards in such an powerfully magical place without something dangerous happening, even if Harry isn’t there anymore. Speaking of Harry, James Sirius will be starting his Hogwarts career today. Good luck.

To me and many Potterheads out there, I’d almost say it’s like New Year’s all over again. A fresh start at our home away from home: Hogwarts. It’s a chance to refresh the commitments we made earlier this year in the hopes of entering Autumn with as much change as the trees will undergo. It also holds the promise of the coming cold and Winter, my favorite season. A pensive, silent time to look back on what we’ve done so far and work to keep improving. I can’t imagine how awe-inspiring it would be to walk across the snow covered grounds of Hogwarts with nothing but the wind and crunch of ice to hear. A perfect time for study and writing.

September First is a day to remember how much Jo Rowling gave to us when she took a chance and braved sharing her story with the world. Her story, not Harry’s, has set a standard from which we should fulfill in our own ways. A standard to want to create stories for escape, entertainment, and for the love of testing new ideas.

As it happens, something big is happening for me, not today, but next week: I start working for Disney in Orlando, Florida. I am hopeful this new chapter in my life will, like Hogwarts students, open new possibilities for my future and teach me things I could nowhere else in the world. Lucky for me, the two most magical places on Earth are going to shape me and my creative potential.


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  1. kookamungakat says:

    Thanks for the reminder!


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