Happy Halloween! The Holiday for Imagination


Time for the only day where you get to become whatever you want, and nobody can call you out for it! I can easily recall how I went to class at Uni dressed in some sort of costume just because I could. So get out and show your Halloween spirit. It only comes around once every year.

More to the subject of this celebratory post, today really embraces imagination and fosters its potential, even if it comes in a spooky package. For adults, it allows us to put away our pride and shame just for a little while to get in touch with the side we try to hide because of our responsibilities. For kids, it reminds us just how much fun make-believe can be and how important it is for proper development. I should know. I work at the land where employees even get to make-believe as much as the kids. Embracing Halloween can go from honoring this time of those past coming back to play with the Living to putting together a costume from whatever it is you have at home. For me, watching scary movies is what I want to do the most for this holiday.

Today is also the perfect day to go out and celebrate the Boy Who Lived. Tonight is when Harry Potter overcame Tom Riddle when he was barely a year old.

So Happy Halloween. May it be filled with shrieks and laughter as we dance Living with Spirit.



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