There’s Only One Enemy


I’ve been gathering up my resolve at the start of this New Year for what I want to get done in 2016. One thing I’ve discovered in building my motivation is how no matter what kind of support group you have, who you surround yourself with, there is only one enemy: you.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Throughout life there will be people who either openly or inadvertently discourage you from achieving your ambition (oddly enough, most of them will be your loved ones or friends). I admit this to be a thing. However, when it comes down to it, when you get past these downers, there is still one obstacle. Say I’m training, as it’s relevant to me, when I’m struggling to get through a hard set, what stands in my way from accomplishing what I want? (Let’s assume I have overcome the dismissal from others that I’m not worthy.) Not the other gym goers around me and certainly not my friends or family because they’re not there. It hit me when I was pushing through a workout the other day. I saw myself in the mirror and saw more than just a reflection. I was the only true enemy that had any chance of defeating me.

Others will bring you down, deny your abilities. Those will undeniably hurt. Initially, they may feel like the deterrents that will trip you up or the excuses to make you think you’re overreaching or the like. They may be right. They may not be. There’s only one way to find out if they’re right. Do it.

When people doubt, it is up to you to determine whether or not you will listen to their caution or dismiss it. That is why there is only one enemy. ‘Cause no matter what there will be outside naysayers. It’s a fact of life. Why? Because they’re scared of the ambitious, because those are the ones who will do the unconventional, think of the unconventional, to use all their power to see that dream becpointing-fingerome reality. If you listen to the doubters, it’s not they who have won. It’s your other self, the enemy that is you. Because you listened to them; you let them get to you. You have a choice to accept those discouragements or to prove them wrong.

I encourage you, and will continue to do so myself, as we enter this new year with so much time, to find that thing that you’re passionate about that you love. And don’t think “I want to be rich and famous.” Okay. . . in what way? Why? Why do you want these things? To me, we should want to make those goals a reality because they help our community, our legacy. When we prove wrong those who thought we couldn’t do it, it helps somebody else see the potential inside themselves to do whatever it is they want.

Take away from this a question: are you willing to devote everything to that dream you want? There will be other aspects of your life that will take to the curb. There’s no getting around that. It may be personal, social, or family life. The weight of importance for this one thing will be all you can handle. And there I go setting boundaries, limitations if not for you but fore me. There it is live in front of your eyes, me trying to tell myself I can’t do something. The only challenge left is will I let him win?


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