Wellness for Two, Four, Sixteen . . .


The essence of my Author’s Platform is to form a community of two seeming opposites: the literary and the active. As far as I see it, our brains, our bodies need a balancing of art and sport. Each target separate parts of the brain. We may have a physically dominant side (the easiest example is the one we write with), but does that mean we restrict the use of our non-dominant side? Of course not. So too can the same be said with art and sport. Both are made up of verbs: writing, running, painting, playing, singing, climbing. Exercising both sides of our brains through thought and action allows us to fulfill our internal and external needs. We become complete in our pursuit of a life of wellness. I speak much on the benefits on writing and art. Take a look at past articles such as Writing Wise with ExerciseTales & Trailsand especially The Author’s Platform. This time, I want to address the sport side, and how it affects more than just one life.

In a majority of the branches of art we can live out more lives than our own (think books, film, and video games). One person can be affected by many things. In a reversal to that equation, sport doesn’t simply benefit the player. Perpetuating an active lifestyle can inspire others to do the same when they see how “getting the blood flowing” improves attitude, performance, appetite, sleep and so on. Many lives can be affected, benefited by one person’s fitness. This revelation was brought to my attention a few weeks ago while I gave a swim lesson. My client is a thirty-something year-old man who had suffered an injury from college football. He told me had been out of exercise for longer than I think I could stomach. He told me he wanted to get back into shape, and swimming was a good non-impact way of doing so. I tend to agree. Mind you, I’ve taught countless people from a wide range of ages this activity. What my client said to me when we were finished made me realize just how much more I can offer with my Author’s Platform.


“You’re not only helping me.” He said. “I’ve got a daughter, you know. About eleven months old. I want to keep up with her as she grows. I want to touch my toes in the morning.” That really hit me. The fact that being responsible about your wellness has a ripple effect at an exponential rate. It doesn’t just inspire others, it keeps you around longer with your loved ones. Learning this has enriched my Author’s Platform and strengthened my drive even more to bridge these two sides of the same coin. I feel my voice and argument to get artists and athletes exchanging their likes can only be supported with this knowledge first hand.

So take care of yourself. You want to be more active AND read more books? Get Audible and do a lap or two around the lake or your neighborhood. For as little as thirty minutes, you could get in your daily reading and exposure to the outdoors and fresh air. Want to lose weight and love movies? Set up a stationary bike at home or find a gym and start watching. As much as writing is part of my livelihood, I can’t fully escape into myself when I do it. I escape into other’s minds, other worlds, other lives. When I train, I withdraw into my own mind, into the folds of my person for self-reflection and reconstruction. Having one or the other might make you comfortable, but does it make you complete? Use your imagination and think of ways to consume both art and sport, even better if it’s at the same time. You won’t be the only one to thank yourself for your efforts.


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