A Spark in the Dark


I wanted to take a moment to recognize a small success in my writing career, a career that–until yesterday–I had nothing substantial to show for.

I have been accepted to attend the Looking Glass Rock Writers’ Conference: May 17-20, 2018!

This comes as a supremely welcome surprise. The piece I submitted was ten pages of the new beginning I just wrote for Project Stripes. Meaning nobody else but me had read it; I had no other eyes edit, review, or comment besides my own. I sent it anyway because after what feels like the fiftieth time of re-writing chapter one, this one felt right. I know I’ve probably felt like that before; however, I’ve listened to all past criticisms on the opening pages. I evolved my writing and wrote the start from a different setting, one that I had the MC introduced in for years. It seems to have worked.

All I can say is writing is about learning, adapting, and evolving. It’s good to stick to your guns and the way you want to write your manuscript. If you change this and that too often in your story, it may never be completed or–worse–published. It’s also a good idea to think yourself out of a sticky spot when you find yourself in one and be flexible. For me, it was the beginning. I can’t say this enough because I’m so stunned I got accepted: nobody else looked at my submission. I edited it several times myself and then sent it away. I don’t know where this experience will take me, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend my first conference at my parents’ alma mater. What is more, it’s in the mountains I love so much. This is a spark in what has felt like a very long, very dark tunnel of anxiety and re-writing. Let’s see where it goes.


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