Training Programs – Twice-a-Weeks –


I want to inject more fitness related content into this site. To start, I’ll log the workout split I’ve been doing since late May/early June. I was on the fence about posting any programs at first but soon realized I wouldn’t be at risk of losing my potential business by sharing what it’s like to train like an experienced lifter. I decided it might help somebody get some ideas to help them. If they had questions, they know how to reach me: here, on Facebook (@worlds of possibility), or my Instagram (@howeitsfit_ and @howeitsdone_). Really, when people pay for a personal trainer’s services, they want their expertise and an extra eye for form, the accountability and structure of reporting to a fitness professional. Anyone can get workouts online.

With that said, the following posts (hereby labeled 2-a-W) are my personal training splits for the past weeks in what I loosely call “twice-a-weeks.” The idea is to work target muscle groups twice a week, something I would not recommend for beginner lifters — those who don’t have a solid mind-muscle connection (MMC) base. In reality, twice a week might not literally mean twice. Really, I train a muscle group and then again after about 3-5 days. So you might get to train legs and arms twice in one week and then legs and chest & back in another. But I didn’t really have a cohesive way of phrasing that for the title of this program, so there you go.

Some disclaimers that my manner of recording a given sets, reps, and weights changes as the weeks go on. One thing I love most about training is it’s always in flux, a constant state of evolution. Our journey to find what works for us is ongoing, even when we think the ink is dry. Also the ratios I present are not going to work for everyone. They are carried over from my private notes and to demonstrate progressive overload from workout to workout.

You will find select exercises I keep but others will be replaced by others as the weeks go by. It’s not because some exercises are better than others, simply, I wanted to try something else and see how they paired with those staples I wanted to get better at (mainly squats and deadlifts).


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