Yin-Yang Cycle – A New Workout Split

Sam (Somebody who Ain’t Me),

After putting up my previous workout splits here on The Pen-Dragon, I want to keep that going but a little more up to date.

Today, 1 August, 2019 I’ll be starting a new workout split I’m calling the Yin-Yang Cycle . . . and you can follow it along with me as I do it or at least a week after I complete it.

I want to piggy-back off my previous 2-a-W routine by still trying to work a muscle group with about 3-5 days between each training. You’ll see some familiar exercises in this new routine that will take us into early October, but also some new ones. The “yin-yang” in the title comes from my intention to alternate between a “yin” workout and a “yang” workout.

In case you don’t know, “yin” is the shady side of the Taoist symbol: so black with white eye; “yang” is the sunny side: white with the black eye. Yin represents calmness, collectiveness, and the feminine; whereas, yang embodies action,  recklessness, and the masculine. It would be foolish of anyone to invoke only yang when weight training. I understand the thought of most. The idea of tapping into that testosterone fueled sunny-side is what fuels and motivates us to last longer, lift heavier. Reckless and passionate energy can lead to disaster when gone unchecked. Which is why it’s essential to employ yin. She is the key to developing mind-muscle connection (MMC), tapping into the proper awareness, and setting intention during a movement. I tell all my clients this MMC, once acquired, will yield so much more out of a workout than just doing the exercises without actually thinking about what you want to flex, what you want to stretch, where you want the blood to flow. It’s also why I’ve chosen to tattoo the symbol of this site onto the back of either of my arms: the yang dragon on my left, yin on my right. I will be reminded every day of their essential function in a balanced life.

Thus, yin and yang are as much two parts of a single whole as they are at odds with another. Feed one more than the other, and you will be lacking something.

Partnering this philosophy with the training program, I plan to have a more “yin” day and a more “yang” day. One might emphasize taking my time with a movement–maybe even some pause holds or counted negatives–in order to burn and really connect your mind to what muscle you want to train. The other day will entail more explosive movements where strength and power might be required, more weight and less reps. Someone who is ready to challenge their patience and awareness of their limits should be ready to take this journey with me or someone who wants to start to take their fitness more seriously. Hopefully, it will be as good for you as I hope it to be for me.


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