About Project Stripes


At The Pen-Dragon, you will hear me reference Project Stripes quite often. Allow me to elaborate, so I don’t have to every time I bring it up.

Project Stripes is the code-name for the primary novel I am working on.

*As of 7/14/18
I’m making significant changes to PS on this draft, so I feel it necessary to take away previous iterations of the summary. A more up-to-date draft of the summary will be put up when I am further along.

In short: Project Stripes is about Arthur Pale’s quest to recover after his father’s death by traveling to a remote Buddhist monastery–the Tiger’s Nest–in Bhutan. To do so, he had to forgo getting his own place with the love of his life and making his best-friend think he could not help him move on. Yet Arthur has dreamed of Bhutan since his father first told him about the story of a girl who transformed into a tiger. It is the only place he feels he can reconnect with his father and find the spirit to run like he once did. If he fails, all the sacrifices made to get him there will be for nothing.

This summary is a work in progress, as all fiction is. So come back every so often to check if I have edited it. Of course, I welcome any comments and suggestions as I work on the summary.


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